Synchronicity on radio


Synchronicity is a phenomenon whereby we encounter coincidences that are very uncanny and personally meaningful. Some coincidences seem so uncanny and so meaningful that they suggest that some events are meant to be. They point to an underlying order or pattern in the universe beyond what we might ordinarily see. They point to connections between ourselves and others, as well as between our minds and the natural world around us. They can shape our life path, nudging us toward our destiny.

Since July 2016 we have had a segment on synchronicity on “The Catch-Up”, on 93.9 Bay FM radio in Geelong, currently every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, with myself, Roxie Bennett and Daryl Reader. After today’s final segment for 2017, it will likely return in late January.

On most weeks we have invited callers to ring with their stories about synchronicity. Two of my favourite calls illustrated how remarkable coincidences can seem to follow someone acting on their deep intuition. For example, in one segment a caller answered a public phone, improbably convinced that the call would be for her. She then picked up the phone to hear her best friend on the end of the line. Click below for this segment from October 11th, 2016.

In another segment, a meeting organizer was convinced that she could somehow find a special guest speaker for her eager guests within half an hour of the meeting starting. She succeeded, seemingly following what some would call her “intuitive GPS”. Click below for this segment from November 8th, 2016.

Another segment illustrated how a person might encounter certain numbers in a way that seems to defy chance. Click below for this segment from July 26th, 2016.

In another segment, I describe how a person might find their destiny after a chance occurrence that later seems to involve much more than chance. In this case it involved the famous Australian painter, Brett Whiteley. Click below for this segment from July 28th, 2017.


I have since learnt, to my delight, that there is another radio program on synchronicity conducted by the American psychiatrist Dr Bernard Beitman, who is a visiting Professor at the University of Virginia. He has written a book called Connecting with Coincidence, and he has blogs, podcasts and other information on synchronicity at his Connecting with Coincidence website. You might be interested to access his podcasts via this link (access podcasts here).

I strongly recommend Dr Beitman’s podcasts, which I have been greatly enjoying. He interviews many people who have authored excellent books on synchronicity. So far I have enjoyed listening to his interviews with Joe Jaworski and Trish and Rob MacGregor, who have described terrific examples of how synchronicity can seem to act as a form of “intuitive GPS” in guiding us to helpful action. I have just started listening to his interview with Dr Gary Schwartz, who is especially interested in patterns of repeated numbers in his personal life.

It is heartening to encounter many people with sophisticated scientific backgrounds, including Dr Schwartz, advocating openness to what we might learn from synchronicity. The phenomenon of synchronicity overlaps with phenomena in quantum physics, such as entanglement, whereby physical objects have been demonstrated to be somehow connected at a great distance from each other.

If objects can interact with each other at a distance, then why can’t people’s minds interact instantaneously, as in telepathy? Why cannot someone’s mental activity somehow be connected with events or objects in the natural world, especially when the quantum physicists has explained to us that the basis of all matter is consciousness?

These are intriguing questions and synchronicity is an intriguing phenomenon. It seems to be pointing us toward a more quantum physics view of the world than our usual Newtonian perspective. I think synchronicity will play a major part in our next major steps in understanding the physical world as well as our psychological life. I think synchronicity can help us move toward a more integrated view of mind, body and soul, hopefully strongly drawing on science as it does so.

Chris Mackey is a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society and Principal Clinical Psychologist at Chris Mackey and Associates, Geelong. He is the author of Synchronicity: Empower your life with the gift of coincidence, which has numerous stories of his own and his clients’ synchronistic experiences. It relates these experiences to existing scientific principles.