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Synchronistic Experiences and Spiritual Crises

N.B. Here is a link to a webinar related to this topic of differentiating synchronistic experiences from psychosis, presented on Wednesday 29th August 2023 through TCP: The Coincidence Project.  … Read more »

Cultivating Synchronicity in 10 Steps

Many people draw on synchronicity as a means to promote wellbeing. It can positively impact on all five of the key pillars of mental wellbeing identified in the PERMA model… Read more »

Synchronicity and Wellbeing

Can a coincidence be more than just a coincidence? After all, some coincidences are so captivating, so uncanny and so striking that they seem “meant to be”. In my book… Read more »

Synchronicity in a jar

At a recent milestone birthday, I asked my guests to bring me a written story about a meaningful coincidence as a gift. If they had such a story, they could… Read more »

A Healing Voice

As a psychologist, when you hear your clients’ deeply personal stories over many years, you learn that their most profound experiences often have a numinous or sacred quality. Such experiences… Read more »

How Brett Whiteley found his purpose

Recent census data show that Australia is becoming a more secular society. Even so, 70% of people continue to identify themselves as having a religious affiliation, of whom 52% identify… Read more »