How synchronicity works


Synchronicity German coveryahtzee-sixes-img_7560



This radio segment is from the Catch Up segment on Geelong’s 93.9 Bay FM with Roxie Bennett and Daryl Reader on Tuesday 27th September. It illustrates my views of how synchronicity works. First of all it tells of a recent holiday in China with friends when I had numerous synchronistic experiences. They involved repeatedly encountering multiples of the number six. The second part of this segment describes why I interpreted this run of synchronicity to indicate that I should investigate the prospect of pursuing a business project in China. It would involve the potential supply of health information to  Chinese workers based on a positive psychology approach.

It also serves as a pleasant personal reminder of playing Yahtzee with mates amongst giant sand dunes in the Gobi desert. But, to me at least, it seems a lot more than just that.