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Welcome to Synchronicity Unwrapped

Recent news follows the international release of the second edition of Chris’s book, entitled The Positive Psychology of Synchronicity: Enhance Your Mental Health with the Power of Coincidence in August, 2019. Please also visit our Chris Mackey and Associates’ website, for information on mental health issues and the Chris Mackey, Psychologist and Author Facebook Page for information and… Read more »

Synchronistic Experiences and Spiritual Crises

Chris Mackey is a clinical psychologist with over 40 years clinical experience across public psychiatric hospital and private practice settings. He is author of the book, The Positive Psychology of Synchronicity. One of his key roles in 10 years as a senior clinical psychologist in psychiatric hospitals was to help differentiate psychosis from other mental… Read more »

Synchronistic Experience: Enlightenment or Psychosis?

How could an enlightened state of mind be confused with psychosis? How could legitimate mystical experience, which a person relates to their further spiritual awakening, be dismissed as mere pathology? This issue relates to how we define mental health. In my view, our mental health is too often viewed solely in terms of what we… Read more »

Synchronicity in a jar

At a recent milestone birthday, I asked my guests to bring me a written story about a meaningful coincidence as a gift. If they had such a story, they could put it in my synchronicity jar when they arrived. Apart from knowing I’d enjoy reading the stories, I thought this would offer a rare opportunity… Read more »

A Healing Voice

As a psychologist, when you hear your clients’ deeply personal stories over many years, you learn that their most profound experiences often have a numinous or sacred quality. Such experiences can have a life changing impact, which makes them potentially important for our mental health. Here is a relevant example. I recently ran into a… Read more »

Synchronicity, psychology and sacred moments

It was an honour to be the August 2016 guest speaker at the Jungian Society of Melbourne, presenting on my book, Synchronicity: Empower your life with the gift of coincidence (click here for full video). I was struck by the ongoing interest in Jung’s concept of synchronicity given that he developed his ideas about it… Read more »

How Brett Whiteley found his purpose

Recent census data show that Australia is becoming a more secular society. Even so, 70% of people continue to identify themselves as having a religious affiliation, of whom 52% identify themselves as being Christian. On the face of it, this might suggest that spiritual issues are not so important to around a third of the… Read more »

Synchronicity and Wellbeing

Can a coincidence be more than just a coincidence? After all, some coincidences are so captivating, so uncanny and so striking that they seem “meant to be”. In my book on synchronicity I explore such weird and wonderful coincidences and their impact on people’s lives. In particular, I am interested in their potential to enhance… Read more »

Synchronicity on 93.9 Bay FM Geelong in 2019

Below are the “Talking Synchronicity” recordings from 2019 when Chris again joined Daryl Reader and Roxie Bennett on 93.9 Bay FM Geelong for a third year. Callers described a wide range of synchronicity stories, helping others appreciate the potential value of meaningful coincidences in our lives. – Chris Mackey is a Fellow of the Australian… Read more »

The Positive Psychology of Synchronicity (new 2nd Edition)

Do you sometimes wonder whether a coincidence can be more than just a coincidence? In the positive psychology of synchronicity I describe many people’s experiences of coincidences, including my clients’ and my own, that seem so captivating, so striking and so uncanny that they seem “meant to be”. They seem to point to a higher… Read more »