Synchronicity radio in 2017


Here are our synchronicity radio segments at 5:40pm on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month on 93.9 Bay FM Geelong with Roxie Bennett and Daryl Reader. We invite listeners to call and tell of their own stories of uncanny and meaningful coincidences.

The radio segment below is from 24th January, 2017. Sue describes the timely appearance of a lost ring and Chris describes some striking examples of synchronicity from a reader, Patrick, whom he met in London.


In the second segment below (15th February) we discuss “ghost stories”, or situations where people sense that they have been in touch with spirits. This is especially relevant as sometimes people falsely fear that they could be going mad, or could be judged as psychotic. Such fears can unnecessarily compromise people’s mental health, which is one of the reasons why we discuss such issues on the program.


On 1st March Roxie describes someone she met who frequently experiences synchronicity in a way that affirms that he is following his true calling.


On 15th March we discuss a connection between synchronicity and seeming psychic ability. Daryl describes the result of a psychic reading, and a caller talks of a seemingly psychic connection with his wife.


On 29th March Chris described two remarkable examples of synchronicity that were corroborated. One involved three men encountering the “ghost” of Mary Watson at a hilltop on Lizard Island, over 100 years after she died.


On April 12th Chris described some uncanny timing involved in his wife, Sue, experiencing cancer and then transforming the experience into a positive outcome by writing the book, Positive Oncology.  (Click here for Sue’s interview about this on ABC News). The theme was how negative situations can sometimes lead to positive outcomes in a way that seems “meant to be” when synchronicity is involved.


On April 26th our guest Richard Vines joined us as we related the Anzac story of his grandfather, Ashley Vines Snr, and his courageous rescue at Gallipoli by an old school friend, Alan Vowles. There were many examples of serendipity, or fortuitous chance, that led to this story being told. As Richard described, serendipity can bring out stories that need to be told in a way that the “stories tell themselves”. See related blog here.


On May 10th Chris described how he and a psychologist friend from Israel, Pninit Russo-Netzer, experienced being “on a wavelength” around the experience of synchronicity. Pninit has recently co-edited a book called Clinical Perspectives on Meaning.


On May 24th Sue Mackey told Roxie and Daryl about her experience of cancer and then transforming the experience into a positive outcome by writing the book, Positive Oncology.  (Click here for Sue’s interview about this on ABC News). Sue described a very uncanny and meaningful coincidence that occurred after the ABC interview.


On June 14th Chris told the story of some Aboriginal women who uncannily predicted a phone call they would receive out of the blue to connect them with a friend. Roxie described how two Aboriginal sisters were remarkably reconnected with each other after many years. Are those from indigenous cultures more open to deep intuition?


This segment from June 28th tells the story of how a 13-year-old Brett Whiteley found a Van Gogh book in a school church service and immediately knew his destiny as a painter. The book strikingly, and synchronistically, resonated with a dream that Brett remembered from when he was five years old. This is an example of how synchronicity can strongly support a sense of meaning and purpose in life.


In the final segment for 2017 on 22nd November, we recall some of the most intriguing stories from past callers. We also refer to a website, Connecting with Coincidence with Dr Bernie Beitman, who conducts an excellent radio program based on him interviewing various authorities on matters related to synchronicity (access radio podcast here).


For additional information and blogs on synchronicity, see www.www.synchronicityunwrapped.com.au.