Synchronicity radio on 93.9 Bay FM


In 2017, Chris joins Roxie Bennett and Daryl Reader on 93.9 Bay FM Geelong every second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 5:40pm for a radio spot on synchronicity (was Tuesday in 2016). We invite callers to ring in and tell of their stories on synchronicity. We’d love to hear of your own synchronicity stories, so please call in.

Here is the recording from July 26th, 2016, when a caller describes an experience that led him to follow his intuition ever after.


In the next segment on 23rd August, a caller describes how difficult circumstances ending in divorce ultimately led to positive change that seemed meant to be.


The next segment from September 27th describes some personal experiences I had in China that related uncannily to the release of the German edition of Synchronicity, and which seemed to point to potential future business directions.


This next segment is from October 11th, and includes a remarkable story about someone picking up a public phone which rang nearby, and getting a great surprise when answering it!


The next segment from October 25th describes a story I heard from someone I met whilst speaking about Synchronicity at the Theosophical Society bookshop in Melbourne. It suggests a meaningful connection between a man and his mother who had died not long before.


The next segment from November 8th includes a caller describing a couple of occasions where she had to solve a problem with very little time, and relied on the universe to come up with a solution – which it did!


The next segment from January 24th, 2017 includes Sue describing the timely appearance of a lost ring, and Chris relating some striking examples of synchronicity from a reader he met in London.