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This blog includes links to a series of videos that outline core themes from the book, Synchronicity: Empower your life with the gift of coincidence.

Synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence, can have a profound impact on our lives. As a clinical psychologist, I am struck by many clients’ stories of how their lives were shaped by remarkable coincidences. The coincidences often seemed so striking that the person experiencing them concluded they were more than mere coincidence. Things unfolded in a way that seemed “meant to be”.

I used to dismiss such ideas as irrational. Now I see synchronicity as a window into a spiritual dimension in life. Appreciating the power of coincidence can have a demonstrable positive impact on our mental health. It calls for us to draw on our intuition. It calls on us to pay attention to not only mind and body, but mind, body and soul. I’m interested in your feedback on the videos.

Author introduction

What is Synchronicity?

Benefits of being aware of synchronicity

Synchronicity and positive psychology

How synchronicity saved a life

Personal examples of synchronicity

Is synchronicity scientific?

How can you draw on synchronicity?

Where to find information about synchronicity


More blogs, podcasts and articles about synchronicity can be found at www.www.synchronicityunwrapped.com.au.

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These videos were recorded at Watkins Publishing in London.