Author: Sue Mackey

Synchronistic Experiences and Spiritual Crises

Chris Mackey is a clinical psychologist with over 40 years clinical experience across public psychiatric hospital and private practice settings. He is author of the book, The Positive Psychology of Synchronicity. One of his key roles in 10 years as a senior clinical psychologist in psychiatric hospitals was to help differentiate psychosis from other mental… Read more »

Welcome to Synchronicity Unwrapped

Recent news follows the international release of the second edition of Chris’s book, entitled The Positive Psychology of Synchronicity: Enhance Your Mental Health with the Power of Coincidence in August, 2019. Please also visit our Chris Mackey and Associates’ website, for information on mental health issues and the Chris Mackey, Psychologist and Author Facebook Page for information and… Read more »

Synchronicity, psychology and sacred moments

It was an honour to be the August 2016 guest speaker at the Jungian Society of Melbourne, presenting on my book, Synchronicity: Empower your life with the gift of coincidence (click here for full video). I was struck by the ongoing interest in Jung’s concept of synchronicity given that he developed his ideas about it… Read more »

How Brett Whiteley found his purpose

Recent census data show that Australia is becoming a more secular society. Even so, 70% of people continue to identify themselves as having a religious affiliation, of whom 52% identify themselves as being Christian. On the face of it, this might suggest that spiritual issues are not so important to around a third of the… Read more »

A synchronistic tale of two war heroes

One of the most remarkable ANZAC stories I’ve heard is even more memorable because of the synchronicity involved. A friend at a school reunion, after learning about my interest in synchronicity, described how his family had only become aware of details of his grandfather’s war experience at Gallipoli from a chance meeting 90 years later…. Read more »

Synchronicity radio in 2017

Here are our synchronicity radio segments at 5:40pm on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month on 93.9 Bay FM Geelong with Roxie Bennett and Daryl Reader. We invite listeners to call and tell of their own stories of uncanny and meaningful coincidences. The radio segment below is from 24th January, 2017. Sue describes the timely… Read more »

Synchronicity and healthy grieving

Synchronicity is intriguing. It cannot help but evoke a sense of wonder when we experience a profoundly personal and meaningful coincidence that relates to an intimate detail in our lives, seemingly beyond chance. Sometimes it helps connect us closer to others, including those who are no longer with us. I heard this touching example when… Read more »

Synchronicity now released in German

The book, Synchronicity: Empower your life with the gift of coincidence, has just been released in German, after earlier release of the English edition in the US, UK and Australia. The book is about drawing on the power of uncanny and meaningful coincidences. It is largely based on my observations as a clinical psychologist over… Read more »

A brief meditation on synchronicity

We simultaneously live in two universes at the same time, the outer one and the inner one. Neither is more valid than the other. The outer universe is the world of particle physics, which seems to operate according to Newtonian laws. The inner universe is a world of wave physics, the realm of consciousness and… Read more »

Synchronicity at Work in China

I have a vision of helping business and community leaders achieve turbocharged success. It involves teaching others how to draw on the powerful combination of synchronicity and kairos. This means appreciating the meaning of strikingly uncanny coincidences, and then acting swiftly before a rare opportunity is lost. This might sound a little mad, but as… Read more »